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CANYON DIABLO 4583 grams

CANYON DIABLO 4583 grams

Iron. Coarse octahedrite (IAB)
Coconino Co., Arizona, USA
Found 1891
Approx. recovered weight 10,000+ kg

The Canyon Diablo iron meteorite, estimated to have weighed 60,000 tons, impacted the Earth approximately 50,000 years ago, resulting in a 20-40 megaton explosion. The impact excavated a crater one mile wide and 600 feet deep. Pressures as high as 60 Gpa transformed graphite particles into tiny diamonds, and vaporized 85% of the original mass. Of the remainder, only about 2,000 tons can be accounted for in the form of meteorite fragments, shale balls, metallic spheroids, and other oxidation products. Meteorite fragments account for only 30 tons of this amount.

Large complete individual with a H.H. Nininger # 34.4640 

Weight  4,583 grams


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