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CHINGA  1093 grams

CHINGA 1093 grams

Iron. Ataxite. (IVB ANOM)
Tanna Tyva, Russia
Found 1913
Approx. recovered weight 100+ kg

 Following thousands of years of terrestrial weathering, many individual fragments of this Ni-rich ataxite, totaling about 80 kg, were found in the Chinga River basin in the former USSR. Deformation structures in Chinga attest to a strong shock event during its journey in space, while other features, including cracking, bending, and tearing, were formed in its catastrophic impact with Earth. Consequently, Chinga fragments are commonly flattened and angular in shape.

A large complete Chinga individual the weight is 1093 grams

specimen weight 1,093 grams 

PRICE  $1,093

CHERGACH 108.8 grams CLAXTON 5.2 grams
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