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CLAXTON   5.2 grams

CLAXTON 5.2 grams

Stone, Chondrite (L6)
Evans County, Georgia. USA
Fell December 10, 1987
Approx. recovered weight 1455 grams


A single, completely crusted stone weighing 1455 grams fell, damaging a metal mail box and making a depression less than 20 cm in diameter in loose dirt. A whisling sound followed by a crash and a thud was reported as the meteorite fell. Claxton meteorite was called the "HAMMER STONE" and some collectors call the stone the "MAIL BOX KILLER".

This specimen of Claxton is a very thin part slice 5.2 grams size 2.5 mm x 28 mm x 32.5 mm.
Notice fusion crust on two edges. A rare collectors piece!
specimen weight 5.2 grams

PRICE   $2,150

CHINGA 1093 grams Dar AL GANI 340 12.6 grams
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