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UDEI STATION   32.8 grams

UDEI STATION 32.8 grams

Iron. Medium octahedrite (IA) with silicate inclusions
Benue River, Nigeria
Fell 1927



During daylight hours, a meteorite was seen and heard to fall near the railway station in Udei, Nigeria. A 103 kg silicated-iron was recovered from a shallow hole eight years later. Some reports tell of the existence of a second mass. Udei Station is a medium octahedrite with a high content of chondritic silicates and troilite, characteristic of the IAB group. Theories place an origin for this group within an impact melt pool, or in association with a crystallizing metallic core.

Part end slice with fusion crust 32.8 grams the face size is 29 mm x 32

specimen weight 32.8 grams       PRICE  $350

TAZA 746 grams VACA MUERTA 76.5 grams
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