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OUM DREYA  122.5 grams

OUM DREYA 122.5 grams

Stone. Chondrite. Ordinary (H3-5)
Gour Lafkah Mountins,Amgala, Western Sahara
Fell October 16, 2003
Approx. recovered weight 15kg


Meteorite fell in Western Sahara near Mauritania border at 2:00 am, on October 16, 2003. Soldiers stationed on the border of Western Sahara and Mauritania witnessed a large fireball fall, and the next few days they found many pieces of the meteorites. A shower of stones fell, with over a hundred stones found with a total known weight of around- 15 kg.

Oum Dreya a complete individual with 98% fusion crust 122.5 grams

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OUM DREYA 86 grams SEYMCHAN 464 grams
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