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VACA MUERTA  76.5 grams

VACA MUERTA 76.5 grams

Mesosiderite (MES)
Atacama Desert, Chile
Found 1861
Approx. recovered weight: 99 kg

Over 4 tons of this brecciated, metal-silicate meteorite have been recovered in Atacama, Chile. Still, the pre-atmospheric mass is estimated to have been at least 10 tons. Vaca Muerta defines a strewn field with dimensions of 12 km x 2 km. Basaltic inclusions similar to cumulate eucrite material are present throughout this meteorite, but multiple lines of evidence suggest that mesosiderites and eucrites did not originate on a common parent body. Based on silicate matrix textures, Vaca Muerta has been placed into metamorphic subgroup 1A.

End slice  76.5 grams

PRICE  $475

UDEI STATION 32.8 grams ZAG 173 grams
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